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Download the complete guide to composting with worms

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How to set up a worm farm the easy way

Worms are dynamic little creatures that are capable of dramatically improving the ecology of your garden. On any given day, a mature worm will eat half its body weight in…

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How is an earthworm different from a compost worm

Unless you are a worm expert, a worm is a worm, but there are differences between the role of the Compost Worm and the job of Earthworms as well as…

blog 1 - Worm Blog

How to start composting: The ultimate guide

Composting can seem like a daunting task for the average homemaker. It requires preparation, specific materials and a little bit of science to get a good compost heap going. The…


A complete guide to composting with worms - Everything you need to know to get started

This Complete Guide to worm farming is different to everything else you can find on the web. It is an original guide written by George who has over 25 years of worm farming experience. It debunks many of the myths surrounding using worms to recycle your kitchen, garden and pet wastes.

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