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The Little Rotter Garden Bed Worm Farm – Twin Pack

$80.50 inc. gst

5.0 (2 reviews)

Here it is! Our LITTLE ROTTER, the world’s easiest worm farm at an unbeatable price. It includes a flip-top mini garden bed worm farm PLUS a Compost Worm Bomb. We reckon that this is real value 🙂

These are mini feeding stations for compost worms. The worms live in the ground and come up for a feed to recycle your kitchen and other organic waste (also ideal for dog and cat poo!) then deposit their nutrient rich cast back into your garden bed to feed your plants and vegies.

The key difference and advantage of our Little Rotter’s versus alternative buried garden worm farms is that worms prefer to eat food above the ground (rather than below it) and will only spread their casting through their natural earth ‘leveling’ process.

If the food is below the ground level (such as with the popular PVC pipe worm towers) the worms will still eat the food, however they will leave their cast in the same spot in order to level out the earth and therefore won’t spread it into your garden!

Our Little Rotter’s sit directly on the ground so any food that is placed inside will be sitting above the ground, thereby allowing the worms to come up into the food and practice their earth ‘leveling’ by removing it out and away back into the garden bed.

Each Little Rotter unit measures 220mm square x 310mm tall and will service an area of approx 10 square metres.

We highly recommend purchasing 1000 Live Compost Worms with your Little Rotter to start converting your organic waste from the get-go.

Please Note: Not available for WA or NT.

DOWNLOAD the Complete Guide to worm farming is different to everything else you can find on the web. It is an original guide written by George who has over 25 years of worm farming experience. It debunks many of the myths surrounding using worms to recycle your kitchen, garden and pet wastes.

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2 reviews for The Little Rotter Garden Bed Worm Farm – Twin Pack

  1. Ingo

    Can I put dog and cat poo in?

    • Kookaburra Worm Farms

      Absolutely, The Little Rotters are fantastic for converting dog and cat poo!

  2. Suz

    My balcony has a lot of heat in summer. Is it ok to keep this worm farm out when it gets to 40 deg?

    • Kookaburra Worm Farms

      Worms need to be kept between 10-30 deg C. If you can keep it completely shaded then it may be OK, but 40 deg ambient is going to be too hot unfortunately.

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