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Commercial Systems

With increasing demand from businesses for more efficient ways to recycle waste we have expanded our range of organic waste recycling systems to include larger scale commercial systems. Adapted from our innovative and hugely popular “Little Rotter” we now have commercial size systems for a variety of businesses. The “Big Rotter” sits directly on the ground with worms living in the soil underneath the bins.

All of our Big Rotter systems are custom sized and manufactured to suit the type of business and the size of waste you produce. Working on the same principle as our smaller Littler Rotters you have a “never fill” bin on site with the worms eating organice waste and emptying the contents on a daily basis.

It’s simple & easy to use. Just add your food, cardboard and other organic waste into the Big Rotter system and the worms will eat the waste and spread their worm cast throughout your garden. The best part is that they use no energy, don’t need a power source and can be located in any suitable sized garden area.

Our Big Rotter system is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of disposing of all sorts of organic waste. It produces no smells, no leachates and requires no maintenance. Throw your waste in, close the lid and the worms do the rest. At the same time you greatly enhance the quality of the soil in your garden, a double win!

A complete guide to composting with worms - Everything you need to know to get started

This Complete Guide to worm farming is different to everything else you can find on the web. It is an original guide written by George who has over 25 years of worm farming experience. It debunks many of the myths surrounding using worms to recycle your kitchen, garden and pet wastes.

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Perfect for...


Easily recycle canteen and school waste with an efficient system

Cafes & Restaurants

Recycle food waste on site with a commercial worm farm

Resorts & Accommodation

An efficient way for accommodation facilities to recycle waste on site

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