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5 reasons why you should compost with worms

Many people are off-put by the idea of composting at home because they worry about the smell and size of a compost heap. However, modern worm farms are a quick and efficient way to compost, and they can even be used in smaller, inner city blocks.

Here are five reasons you should start a compost worm farm:

It’s odourless

One of the great things about worm farms is that they do not emit a lot of odour compared to traditional composting, as the material is composted by being digested by worms rather than relying on bacteria to break down the material. As the bacteria is what causes the smell to build up, this is a great advantage for people who are worried about odour or who have close neighbours, such as people who live in apartments or townhouses.

It’s great for the environment

With up to 30% of some residential bins being filled with food scraps, you can potentially avoid a lot of these scraps being sent to landfill by processing them in your worm farm. Worm farms are relatively flexible in the types of items that they can process including food scraps, paper and small garden waste.

It’s low maintenance

Compared to a traditional compost heap, worm farms are a great low maintenance option. They do not need to be manually turned with a shovel. Many worm farms have an easy design that makes it simple to remove small amounts of worm casings and ‘worm wee’ which can be used to fertilise pot plants and small garden beds. If the worm farm makes more than you can use, you can offer it to friends or family, or fertilise local shared plants.

It’s interesting to watch

In modern society it’s easy to get divorced from the whole process of food coming from the earth and scraps returning to the earth as fertiliser. It can be very interesting to watch, and young children in particular are often very intrigued to see the worm farm in action. It can be interesting to observe the changes in the farm as they process different scraps and types of food year round.

It is a compact composting option

Traditional compost heaps take up a fair bit of space and need to sit in one space for a while to breakdown. There are a range of smaller worm farms that have been designed with a smaller space in mind, so even people with a very small yard, court yard or even balcony can often find a worm farm that is suitable for them. Even if you cannot process all of the household waste in a balcony sized worm farm, you can still gain many of the same advantages.

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